We have been developing and implementing telephony solutions since 2009. We have been successful by providing cost-effective and hardware-free telephony solutions to any organizations regardless of size. In addition, we offer dedicated toll-free and local numbers, customized development of dial plans and free customer support. Our system will give you or your business the benefit of an enterprise phone system for a fraction of the cost!

Toll-free number. When you sign up for our services, you will be instantly assigned a toll free number with the powerful virtual phone system providing the ability to accept phone calls from any number of callers from anywhere in the U.S. The same number could be used to initiate calls to any number of receivers within the U.S.

Dial plan. The heart of our solutions is the dial plan - a sequence of commands that our front-end telephony servers deploy when they call your receivers or take a call from your callers. You can create a dial plan on your own, but in most cases you will be using our pre-created dial plans. We have dial-in plans for audio recording, conference calls, call forwarding, voice mails, client prescreening, call redirecting, and many others. Our dial-out plans are suitable for public audio message broadcasting, appointment reminders, collections, surveys, etc.

Text-to-speech You are able to upload audio messages for telephony servers either yourself or by letting our powerful text-to-speech servers convert text into an audio format. Our TTS servers are armed with the most naturally sounding male and female voices for US English and Spanish.